An evolving exemplar in designing of health, focused on increasing quality of life through intervention and optimization of critical natural balances of the human physiology.

Our companies

Potential Health Development

Potential Health Development was established in response to a highly complex need: an integrated approach to better living. The philosophy of the company is to pioneer Life Sciences. To attain this goal, PHD has employed in-depth scientific research, diagnosis and technology to aid designing of highly effective preventative and performance health programs.

Invictus Performance Lab

Invictus Performance Lab is focused on working with skill coaches to develop well-rounded and informed athletes by balancing the need for nutrition, strength & conditioning, injury management & rehabilitation, and mental coaching. The aim is to give Indian athletes and sports personnel the tools and facilities to excel in international sports events.

Gene Express

Gene Express brings to you the best in international genetic testing, expert interpretation and lifestyle integration. They provide for an evidence-based, scientific health-guided customization for sustainable improvement of quality of life and subjective perception of health.


Drithi Bio solutions in association with PHD has formulated a flour that is composed of moringa seeds and flax seeds. This highly nutritive plant-based flour is gluten free with good bioavailability. It's therapeutic claims include; Anti-diabetic properties, cholesterol management & immune enhancement.